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The Sex Monster

Produced by Jack Binder.

The Sex Monster asks the question -- "What if your wife said yes to a menage-a-trois with another woman....and loved it?" Marty (Mike Binder) and Laura Barnes (Mariel Hemingway) have a wonderful life: the house, the yard, the successful building business, and the cars. Marty, and his partner Billy, are residential builders. Their model home is under construction and life is good. Marty begs and begs Laura to try something different, to shake up the marriage or, as Marty puts it; "put some life into it." After much hesitation, Laura gives in and agrees. In true "careful what you wish for" form, Laura loves it. She seduces his secretary, the girl at the salon, the girl down the street, his partner's wife... She changes and loves it. Marty, after first enjoying his new "dream come true" freedom, comes to realize that his wife spends more time with the girls, has reached a new level of strength, freedom and happiness, and he's the odd man out in his own bed. Finally Laura comes to realize that she actually wants only her husband and they work to rebuild their marriage. The Sex Monster is a hilarious look at marriage and sexuality in the late 90s with an original story line and a great cast.

The cast includes Mariel Hemingway, Mike Binder, Renee Humphrey, Taylor Nichols, Missy Crider, Christopher Lawford, Joanna Heimbold, Kevin Pollack, and Stephen Baldwin.

Written and directed by Mike Binder.

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