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Produced by Jack Binder.

Filmed entirely on location in central London, "Londinium" is the story of an out-of-work American actress (Mariel Hemingway) who becomes a big star in London on the sitcom "Tedford Gate".

She enlists the help of American and 'Seinfeld' writer (Mike Binder) to write for her show. When the writer falls for the married star, he convinces her to have an affair. Only if her English husband and show producer (Colin Firth) were having an affair with the French make-up girl (IrŠne Jacob) would she consider it.

Setting the stage for a romance, the comedy takes off as the writer's task is laid out for him? to set up the producer? and the writer's wife? the make-up girl!

Written and directed by Mike Binder.

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