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Welcome to the Official Site of Jack Binder

As a movie producer for 25 years Jack has been engaged in creating quality productions for the screen.


Wearing many hats as the Film Producer, Creative Producer, Talent Producer, Line Producer, Unit Production Manager (upm) and Co-Producer Jack assumes responsibility on his own and happily in collaboration with others.

From the first draft of the screenplay to the Opening Night Premiere and Home Video Distribution Jack is the fundamental hands on Producer for all his projects.

Budgeting & Scheduling

Movie budgeting and scheduling is one specialty Jack excels at toward the ability to launch a film quickly and efficiently by working with a film financier to move the project to greenlight status - from development to production - the holy grail of filmmaking.

With solid film budgets in hand Jack is able to make his films successfully, on budget, on schedule with the highest possible production value and the lowest possible cost. Strict adherence to the budget is his hallmark as a Movie Producer, while providing a film or television shows Creative Talent the utmost latitude, creative space and support.

In fact Jack is the founder of which he created to provide fellow filmmakers access to a quality film budgeting and scheduling service. His budgets get made and he knows what Film Investors are looking for. Accurate film budgets allow a Completion Bond to be obtained, mandatory for any Movie Investor. Financing can be obtained through Co-Productions, Film Tax Incentives, Film Tax Credits, worldwide and in the States based upon a quality Film Business Plan.

Production Company

Jack Binder also has his own Film & Television Production Company, Greentrees Films. With subsidiaries Greentrees Media, Greentress Consulting, Greentrees Productions, Greentrees Management, Greentrees Music and Greentrees Environment, Jack offers movie producers, writers, directors, executives and other production companies detailed consulting services and production experience.

Binder welcomes inquiries, collaboration and discussion.

Contact Jack to review your project and how he may help you envision your goals.

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